We offer one-of-a-kind educational and cooking classes and camps for kids 3-12 years old in Bellevue. Our classes combine hands-on experience with academic education.

If you would like to see your kids healthy, self-confident, knowledgeable, and explorers of the world, check out our programs

We also offer themed birthday parties for kids 3-12 years old throughout Seattle’s Eastside. We are excited to design the most perfect and unique party for your family and friends using your child’s favorite topic of choice!

My daughter is absolutely in love- withcooking camps and classes Ksenia and Ksenia are teaching :). The latest class “Culinary Geography” is an excellent idea. Every Monday my daughter learns about food and culture of a different country, it’s a great way to remember geography! Looking forward for a new creative ideas, parties and camps to participate.
Zara, Bellevue
My daughter attended summer camps and year-round classes and she loves everything about “Popcorn”. The instructors are really professional, friendly and supportive. Also, the teachers are in love with this job with their hearts and souls….

After taking these classes my 11yo daughter is proud to demonstrate her cooking skills at home preparing food from scratch for the whole family and even guests.
Maria, Sammamish