We are extremely passionate about the development of all children. We believe that cooking together may benefit kids’ motor skill development, as well as self-confidence and educational success. Currently, we are running Culinary Geography & Yummy Geography classes, Fun Club for toddlers, and a Nutrition & Cooking club. Registration for winter classes is open!

Culinary Geography and Yummy Geography Classes

Learning about history and geography while cooking and tasting related foods is a wonderful and beneficial experience for your kids. Every class is devoted to a new country. Kids explore traditions, modern life, and music of the country. As a team, we cook and taste international flavors from around the world. As these classes are not limited to cooking, our students also get the chance to learn and enjoy playing games and crafting projects inspired by the studied cultures.

Yummy Geography Wednesday class

Time: 6 00 pm – 7 30 pm

Age Requirements: 4-7 years old.

Pricing: $40 per one class, $130/month.

Kids & Toddlers Club (Preschool)

We believe that sensory and social development is a top priority for preschool-aged children. During sensory social routine activities, little kids learn how to comfortably interact with others. We have engaging schedule full of crafts, games, songs, gymnastics and, even age-appropriate cooking. Children are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle through taking walks on a day-to-day basis. We respect personalities of all children and encourage them to express themselves within the limits of their own and other kids’ safety. Parents are always welcome to stay until they feel comfortable to leave their child with us.

The club meets currently on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Time: 9 30 am to 12 30 pm

Age Requirements: 18 m.o. – 4 y.o.

Pricing: $180 one day/week, $360 two days/week, $540 three days/week.

Drop off option $55/day.

Nutrition & Cooking Club – Take your Child on a Sensory Adventure!

This class is taught by our instructor Elena Razmpoosh, who is also a registered dietitian. It will get your kids excited about healthy eating and lifestyle through hands-on food preparation and nutrition-themed activities! The focus will be on a variety of plant, whole, and non-processed foods. We will make kid friendly recipes, such as energy balls, smoothie bowls, fresh pressed juices, and other easy-to-prepare meals. By actively engaging our learners through the senses of smell, touch, and taste along the way, even the pickiest kid will be tempted by their own delicious creations!


Nutrition & Cooking Club Class

Time: 9 30 am to 12 30 pm

Age Requirements: 7-12 years old

$60 – One Class.

Pre-registration is necessary to allow for class preparation and communication. Registration must be received no later than three days before the start of the class/event. Minimum class/event enrollment is 4 people. If enrollment is insufficient we reserve the right to cancel class. In this case, all tuition paid would be returned in full, including the non-refundable registration deposit.