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Parties And Events and Team Buildings

Thinking about celebrating your kid’s birthday in a unique, creative way? Popcorn – play, party and cook has exactly what you need. Our mission is to create a unique birthday celebration for every kid and every family. For the last three years, we haven’t had a single party identical to the ones previously hosted! As moms, we know how much work it takes to plan and set up your kid’s party, all while being an amazing hostess, cook, nanny, animator and a loving mommy during the celebration. Does a fun, stress-free birthday party ir online event for your child sound like a miracle? We can make it come true with a best party ideas in Seattle! Our studio or online platform when we don’t have other options will provide everything you need to make it the best children’s party in Bellevue .

What we can offer:

Cooking party 

Cooking parties celebrations or virtual cooking parties are always engaging, providing kids with a unique hands-on experience. Older kids can actually cook the meal for their party. We are more than eager to work around your ideas and cook your child’s favorite food. The birthday cooking class will be an amazing experience.

Themed Adventure Play Celebrations

We arrange your child’s party according to the theme of your choice. No idea what topic to choose? No worries we are ready to provide you with some interesting theme party ideas:

  • Minecraft party
  • Ariel adventures
  • Pirate scavenger hunt
  • Descendants
  • Harry Potter arrives to Hogwarts
  • Aladdin party
  • PJ Masks games
  • and many others!

Whether you choose a cooking party celebration or a themed adventure, we will provide everything you need to make it the best Party yet:

  • Venue rental
  • Theme ideas
  • Set-up
  • Animation
  • Party favors
  • We do have ideas for the online parties!

Looking for table-setting designs, balloon decorations, or a photographer? We will be more than glad to recommend experienced and trusted professionals!

NEW!!! Non-contact Virtual Birthday Party Celebrations on the quarantine time!

At Popcorn – Play, Party and Cook we believe every child should have a birthday party that makes them feel celebrated even as we practice social distancing to keep them safe. What is important os not the most sophisticated birthday cake in the world, not the most expensive gift from the most prestigious stores, but the warmth of the environment in which the child feels included, safe, and respected. This is my came out with virtual birthday parties idea.

How does it work? 

You get to choose between two types pf virtual party:

  • Arts & Crafts Party
  • Cooking Party

Depending on the type of the party and theme you chose, we can help with delivery of the most essential ingredients, utensils and tools on the party day. During COVID-19, all deliveries are no-contact honoring social distancing. All your guests will also receive the Zoom birthday party invitiation. During the virtual party, we are going to cook, craft or draw together, walking kids and the families through the process, while staying true to our exceptional service standards – all birthday party activities are led by our experienced specialists.

Party ends with blowing out candles and singing the Happy Birthday song as at any other traditional birthday party

For the best experience we limit the number of party participants to 10. Virtual; parties are best for ages 6 and up. The birthday party cost is $250 and approximately 1.5 hour long 

Virtual Online Team Buildings

We would love to be a part of your virtual team building event!

Here is how it works. We will pick and customize a lunch or dinner menu for your team. At least one week prior to the event, we will send you a list of all the necessary ingredients, appliances and utensils. We try our best to be mindful of the current situation and pick the items readily available in the local stores or online. Then we will meet your team over Zoom, Teams or Messenger and guide you through the cooking process, while you are having fun with your colleagues!

Price $250 for the group up to 15 people.

Suggested duration of the event  – 1 hour.



Party Hosting and Custom Designed Party Scenario at your Place:

  • $450 – 1.5 – 2 hour party for kids from 3 to 7 years old.
  • $470 – 2 – 3 hour party for kids from 7 to 15 years old.
  • Prices are for up to 10 kids; for every 5 kids over 10 we charge extra $40.
  • Goodie bags – $5 per bag.

Party Hosting and Venue Rental

  • $500 – 3 hour venue rental and 1.5 – 2 hour party program for kids 3-15 years old.
  • $700 GOLD package – 3 hour venue rental, 1.5 – 2 hour party program for kids 3-15 years old, a birthday cake for 10 kids, a venue decoration with banners and balloons.
  • Our venue fits perfectly groups up to 20 kids.
  • Prices are for up to 10 kids; for every 5 kids over 10 we charge  extra $40.
  • Goodie bags – $5 per bag.

Venue Rental:

  • Up to 2 Hours – $100/hour; 3 Hours and up – $80/hour.
  • NO hidden fees and extra payments!
To book a venue we require a $250 deposit. Please book your party in advance so we will have enough time to setup a special party just for your occasion. The most rewarding aspect of planning and throwing your party is to hear the children head out the door saying, “That was the best party ever!”.


Ksenia & Ksenia are great entertainers for kids and while keeping the kids entertained they manage to teach them something new. I’m talking about the yummy geography classes that my 5 year old loves. It’s something for her to do with her friends, learn new tricks that mom doesn’t necessary knows and eat a yummy dinner that she helped to prepare! It’s one of the few classes that she can’t wait to go to.
I was on 3 birthdays that Popcorn Party&Cook helped to prepare (one of them was for my little one) and even though all three had fairy theme they were different enough not to bore the kids with the same tricks. The price is reasonable and the memories are unforgettable. And you’ll probably have something to take home afterwards)