Classes We believe that children are learning beings who are constantly exploring and moving to new adventures every day.  So, we have created a kids club that offers a variety of classes for kids from 3 to 13 years old.  All these classes have been designed to provide an engaging atmosphere through a compilation of fun ideas and learning activities for kids in the Bellevue area.

 Currently, we are running Kids Club Pirok, Popcorn Outdoor Preschool, Pre-K class,  Culinary Geography Classes, Art Classes, STEM Nature Exporation, and Little Actor’s Classes. You can find the full schedule on classes & events calendar .

This private Pre-K will allow preschoolers to develop their alphabet skills and phonological awareness, begin reading and writing. We will be incorporating a variety of hands-on activities to promote letter recognition, sound awareness, and establish literacy skills.

Our program focuses on nature-learning as well as traditional topics like math and science. Spending time outside is crucial to a child’s development as it strengthens kids physically, cognitively, and emotionally by allowing them to de-stress. In our program we will ensure that children not only understand basic concepts but will introduce them to advanced topics as well. We will also teach children how to apply these skills in their everyday lives.

We will only accept 10 kids on a first come first serve basis. 

Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Time: 10 00 am to 2 00 pm

Age Requirements: 4 y .o. – 5 y.o.
Monthly payment $850/month

We believe that sensory and social development is a top priority for preschool-aged children. During sensory social routine activities, little kids learn how to comfortably interact with others. We have engaging schedule full of crafts, games, songs, gymnastics and, even age-appropriate cooking. Children are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle through taking walks on a day-to-day basis. We respect personalities of all children and encouraging them to express themselves within the limits of their own and other kids’ safety. Parents are always welcome to stay until they feel comfortable to leave their child with us.

Days: Monday - Friday

Time: 9 30 am to 13 30 pm

Age Requirements: 18 m.o. – 4 y.o.
Monthly payment: 2 days/week – $550/monthly;
3 days/week – $800/monthly;
4 days/week – $1,000/monthly;
5 days/week -$1,150/monthly

Popcorn Outdoor preschool

Popcorn Outdoor Preschool –  fully outdoor program for kids 3-7 years old.

Each day starts with a circle time and choosing activities for the day (kids will actively participate in this part!).  Out day routine may include building from natural materials (dens, shelters, forts), nature craft (playing with clay, making bird feeders, mud pies, etc.),  nature and wildlife observation (weather patterns, observation of amphibians, insects, birds), plant identification and foraging, hiking, climbing trees and active play. 

Days: Tuesday-Friday

Time: 10 00 am to 13 00 pm

Age Requirements: 3 y.o. – 7 y.o.

Monthly payment:
2 days/week – $380/monthly 3 days/week – $495/monthly 4 days/week – $600/monthly

Culinary Geography Classes

Learning about history and geography while cooking and tasting related foods is a wonderful and beneficial experience for your kids. Every class is devoted to a new country. Kids explore traditions, modern life, and music of the country. As a team, we cook and taste international flavors from around the world. As these classes are not limited to cooking, our students also get the chance to learn and enjoy playing games and crafting projects inspired by the studied cultures. These classes can be taken by picky eaters and non-eaters as well.  We are also ready to deal with food allergies and food restrictions.

Starting from September 18th!
Friday, 4 pm - 5 30 pm
$40 per class



Art Classes for kids 4-11 y o

Drawing skills are extremely important to express kids feeling and emotions. Lets help kids to be understood be others through art pieces they will create.
While drawing favorite characters and beautiful landscapes, kids will learn about composition, 3D figures, color theory and perspective. Looking at art masterpieces and exploring art history will be useful and in inspirational experience for children.


Tuesday/Thursday - 5 30 pm - 6 30 pm
Price $110/month
Wednesday - 4 pm - 5 30 pm
Price $120

Pre-registration is necessary to allow for class preparation and communication. Registration must be received no later than three days before the start of the class/event. Minimum class/event enrollment is 4 people. If enrollment is insufficient we reserve the right to cancel class. In this case, all tuition paid would be returned in full, including the non-refundable registration deposit.