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Our Summer Camps offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities in Seattle area that meet every child’s interests. Because we believe your children are precious, our curriculum has been carefully designed with activities to meet their specific personal, social and emotional developmental needs: they will acquire new skills, learn about communication, explore the world, learn about respect, acceptance and understanding, get involved in adventures and take part in many other activities that will not only make them have a great time but also help them boost their self-confidence.

Popcorn: Play, Party & Cook Summer camp programs for kids are mostly based on cooking schools and Culinary Geography programs, but we designed different programs which focus on different areas and goals and students may attend both regular classes and camp activities. Summer Camps for kids in Bellevue take place in our studio and include all the meals. We often organize one-day camps when school in BSD are closed. Younger siblings are welcome with a 15% discount. The programs include:

  • Nutrition & Cooking club: Kids cook whole national and international dishes from scratch as well as international tasty school lunches that are not common here. In the Nutrition & Cooking club, kids are encouraged to explore and express themselves in the kitchen with the objective of mastering their skills in the culinary arts and boosting their self-confidence and creativity.
  • Arts & Crafts club: Kids just love creating new things and craft making is not only about entertainment; it’s also a learning and motivational activity that enables them to stimulate their creativity and reflect critically on their work and also on others’. This plays an important role on their early development and education.
  • Culinary Geography: Through international voyages campers learn about some of the most visited countries in the world: culture, traditions, history and different ways of learning. Getting to know about the world helps kids build a sense of curiosity, tolerance and respect towards other cultures as well as contributing to their general culture.
  • Outdoor activities and games: We believe that being in contact with the outdoors and nature is a paramount in every kid’s development and for that reason we include outdoor activities to allow them to purify they lungs and move their bodies during physical activity.
  • Hiking: Kids are full of energy and curiosity, and hiking is a good way to put those into practice. We go hiking on trails and parks, which allows children to explore the world and improve their physical development.

Kids from elementary school are welcome into our kids club in Bellevue to take part in camps and we are always eager to enroll younger siblings into a separate group within the camp program in a toddlers and older kids club. Besides, we occasionally do one-day Holiday-Themed Camps and also Parents’ Night Out on the last Friday of every month. For more details check the events calendar or our Facebook page.


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